The Exam Performance Program is a promising test preparation program to enact positive change in students’ lives and I give the program my strongest endorsement…The Exam Performance Program is a slam-dunk investment for students.  It has the potential to improve not only their performance in academic testing situations, but also maximize students’ ability to cope with a wide array of acutely stressful situations in their lives.  From my assessment, EPP is grounded in sound scientific evidence and the program developers are supportive of using data-driven research to enhance the effectiveness of the program going forward.

J. Jamieson, Ph.D

I took the Exam Performance Program when I was studying for the California Bar Exam because I was suffering from test-anxiety which was affecting my motivation to study.  In addition to completing the eLearning program, I had a few private training sessions with the Exam Performance team.  The Exam Performance Program helped me overcome my test-anxiety and motivation issues, got me “in the Zone” and improved my performance, leading to my success in passing the Bar Exam.  I highly recommend this program to any test takers of any kind, that are interested in improving their test taking performance!

Y. Yedudai

During the 2014 summer session of First Star at UCLA, Cyrus met with our class of 50 foster care students, some of whom can suffer from a lack of motivation in school and from test anxiety.  Cyrus gifted his company’s eLearning program to our students to help improve their mindset, attitude and performance on their upcoming standardized tests. In my opinion The Exam Performance Program was very well received by our students.  Cyrus is a gifted and charismatic presenter.  The youth bonded well with him and seemed fully in the zone of his teaching throughout. And he has a tremendously helpful program to present.

P. Samuelson

Great job empowering our boys at the LAUSD Young Men of Color Conference.  The boys loved your session!  Great work!

W. Hall

Received my score today finally, I passed!  Thank you so much for your help!!

A. Ghobadi

I am passionate about the subject of designing & implementation academic/testing solutions.  Although I was well educated, back then, it seemed to be an archaic curriculum.  I myself suffered from motivation and focus issues (especially test anxiety) in HS & College.   Wish I knew then what I know now!  I find when I audition for an acting role or a have a big meeting it is identical to being a pro-athlete getting ready for the big game.  It’s about mentally, spiritually and physically getting “In the Zone”.  I wish back then Educators brought to the classroom the “champion mindset”, as well as, the concept of emotional intelligence. Glad it’s happening now!

R. Klein

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