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Exam Performance

The Exam Performance Program trains test-takers to be calm, confident and focused so they can perform better and score better on their academic exams and standardized tests. The only proven solution for test-takers who want to perform at a higher level and raise their exam scores.

An eLearning program that trains test-takers to perform better and score better on standardized tests, academic exams and high-stakes licensing exams. The Exam Performance Program uses peak-performance training to help test-takers prepare for the psychological component of their upcoming exam so they are calm, confident and focused during their exam, similar to how many top athletes train to perform at their best while under pressure. The Exam Performance Program is premised on the fact that academic exams and standardized tests not only test to see how much of the tested material you know, but they also test to see how well you can perform under stressful exam conditions. Test-takers who are unprepared to handle stressful exam conditions and the mental rigors of the testing process are not fully prepared for what’s being tested on their exam and they may panic or choke under pressure, resulting in disappointing exam scores. This is even more probable if you suffer from test anxiety.

All students and people studying for an upcoming test. The Exam Performance Program is especially helpful to those test-takers who suffer from test-anxiety or have ever thought “I don’t test well” or “I’m not a good test-taker”. If you’re preparing for a test, you really need more than traditional content preparation to score well because tests also test to see how well you perform under stressful exam conditions. If you’re taking a test in the near future and want to achieve an exam score that reflects your true potential, then The Exam Performance Program is for you.

An elite team of experts has applied peak performance training to test preparation. Drawing from different scientific disciplines including neurology, clinical psychology and sports psychology, these experts have developed the first-ever peak performance training program for students who want to perform better and score better on academic exams and standardized tests. To learn more about the members of The Exam Performance Development Team, CLICK HERE.

Peak performance training helps test-takers as well as athletes, executives and military personnel achieve new heights in their performance. While many devote countless hours to traditional studying and test preparation, sound mental preparation is also necessary to succeed in your pursuit of consistent and increasing performance on your upcoming test. Helping individuals enhance their mental skills, with the goal of gaining a “mental edge” in competition and performance. The Exam Performance Program will help you train to develop a peak performance state-of-mind where you’re calm, confident and focused in order to help you perform at your best on your upcoming test and achieve an exam score that reflects your true potential.

Click HERE to refer to a white paper review of The Exam Performance Program and supporting research.

Seminar Videos, a Seminar Workbook, and 10 Daily Training Videos. The 2 hour online seminar component of The Exam Performance Program will walk you through the principles of peak-performance training and set you up for maximum success on any test. You will learn how to develop high-quality habits that will help you control your response to stress, recover from mistakes, and be prepared to perform at your best during stressful exam situations. We recommend a daily regimen of 2 to 3 Daily Training Videos (20 minutes per day) for a 2 to 3 week period before your exam. With deliberate, focused, daily practice you can develop a peak performance mindset that will help you perform at your best and maximize your score on your upcoming test.

$149 for one year of access. Please contact us to discuss special discount pricing for groups, non-profit organizations, charitable organizations, and schools.

Yes, we offer live private training for individuals and groups (including schools). We also offer webinars and remote training. Please contact us at (888) 778-6113 or admin@examperformance.com to discuss in further detail.

Yes, please contact us at (888) 778-6113 or admin@examperformance.com discuss in further detail. For more information about our work with TRiO programs and the Council For Opportunity in Education, see the following video:

In an attempt to improve academic performance and testing scores in the 21st century, educators (and the current education/teaching paradigm) have focused their attention on the development of curriculum, improved instruction, student learning and evaluation, and more effective teacher evaluation. Although these factors are important solutions to current educational issues and problems, there is another component contributing to students’ academic and testing performance that has not received sufficient attention; this component includes such topics such as student engagement, motivation and mindset, and other personal qualities that influence academic and testing performance, and The Exam Performance Program can fill that gap. Recent articles and studies support The Exam Performance Program’s value proposition:

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