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Our #1 GOAL is that you perform better and score better on standardized tests, academic exams and high-stakes licensing exams.


Our program helps test-takers prepare for the psychological component of their upcoming exam so they are calm, confident and focused during their exam, similar to how many top athletes train to perform at their best while under pressure.


Our EP Program will help eliminate your test-anxiety!


This program has been developed by an elite team of experts, who have applied peak performance training to test preparation. These experts include; Dr. Mark Goulston and Dr. Michael Gervais


This program ideal for working with students from underrepresented communities as the program helps students develop a growth mindset, overcome stereotype threat, increase student engagement, improve self-efficacy, improve emotional self regulation and improve STEM motivation.


This program is especially helpful to those students who say/believe “I don’t test well,” “I’m not a good test taker,” or “I suffer from test anxiety.”


The EP Program improves emotional self-regulation and enables peak cognitive performance in stressful testing situations. It helps students train to develop a peak performance state of mind when one is calm, confident, and focused.


Using principles from sports psychology, this program helps to develop a “champion” mindset and helps test takers get into the “zone” for optimal test performance.


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